College Visits



Junior and Seniors are allowed two (2) school days per school year to visit colleges, universities, and/or trade schools. We encourage students to visit different campuses to figure out how life will be for them while they pursue college and career options after high school. 


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PROCEDURE: For the absence to be EXCUSED, the following process must be followed--it is not optional.

Students must obtain a signed letter (on college letterhead) stating the student's name and date of visit. The student must then turn in the original signed letter to their respective attendance clerk.  The absence will then be coded as "college visit".

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Career INvestigation Day

SAAH 3.6.3 requirements for a student to be considered present for FSP (funding) purposes is in his junior or senior year of high school and misses school for the purpose of visiting a professional at the professional's workplace for purposes of career investigation to determine the student's interest in pursuing a career in the professional's field.  Your district must not excuse for this purpose more than two days during a student's junior year and two days during a student's senior year and must adopt a policy stating when an absence will be excused for this purpose for verifying students' visits to the professional's workplace.