College Visits


Junior and Seniors are allowed two (2) school days per school year to visit colleges, universities, and/or trade schools. We encourage students to visit different campuses to figure out how life will be for them while they pursue college and career options after high school. 

Note: Only 2 school days for college, university, and trade school visits are allowed per school year. However a student chooses to use them, either both in the fall or spring or one in each semester, is up to them. Any more days after the 2nd day will NOT be excused.

First page of the PDF file: CollegeVisits_3

PROCEDURE: For the absence to be EXCUSED, the following process must be followed--it is not optional.

You must email the MHS College and Career Liaison at least 3 days prior to your visit with the name of the location you are visiting and the date. 

Students must obtain a signed letter (on college letterhead) stating the student's name and date of visit. The student must turn in the signed letter to Monica Wolf to count as a college visit.