Attendance & Truancy

  • QUESTION: How does my student's attendance/truancy affect me as a parent/guardian?
    • ANSWER: If your student continually misses school based on absences or skips classes, the parent/guardian can face court imposed fines, summoned to truancy court, and potential jail time if this is a continual issue and the judge decides on such punishment. 
  • QUESTION: If my student is 18 years old, can I still be charged for their truancy?
    • ANSWER: Legally, your student is an adult at 18 and will face all fines, charges, and potential jail time if they do not go to school. However, if you registered the student for school, the courts can decide to punish both the parent/guardian and student even if the student is 18.
  • QUESTION: Do students lose credits based on attendance?
    • ANSWER: Yes, state law requires a student to be in school so many minutes in a semester, meeting at least 90% of that semester's attendance, in order to get credit for their classes. IF a student goes below the 90% required attendance rate, they cannot legally be awarded the credit for a class, no matter what grade they have in the class itself.
  • QUESTION: Can a student make up time so they have a chance to earn credits for attendance?
    • ANSWER: If a student is between 75%-89% of attendance for the semester, they will be given an opportunity to make up time for attendance. This opportunity is set up by Midlothian High School which will set ALL times, dates, deadlines, and ways in which the student must make up their time.
      • If a student does not complete their makeup days, they will not gain credit for their classes. 
      • If a student makes up their hours/time BUT misses more days afterwards in the same semester, they MUST make up additional time because they will drop back down below the 90% state attendance requirement.