Class Rank & GPA

  • QUESTION: When are GPA calculations calculated?
    • ANSWER: GPA begins calculating when your student takes their first course for high school credit, even if taken in middle school, and each grade weighs on the calculation. Better grades, the type of classes taken, all combine together to calculate a GPA. 
      • Because GPA is calculated based on grades, they do not truly take place or count until enough grades have been earned, which begins into the Junior year of a student's high school career.
  • QUESTION: When does a student's class rank begin to take place?
    • ANSWER: By a student's Spring semester of their Junior (11th) grade year, a graduating class begins to take shape in terms of all other students who are also Juniors in that same school year. Your student's own GPA will begin to compete against those of other Juniors, thus begins the ranking system. These Juniors are expected to become Seniors and graduating class in the following school year. 
  • QUESTION: How can I find out the GPA/rank/grades of other students to help me know how much I need to increase my own GPA/rank position?
    • ANSWER: It is illegal for any school official to give information regarding another student out to anyone other than authorized individuals for that particular student. Never will any information about another student be shared with anyone who does not have the authority to see it.