Grade Classification

  • QUESTION: How are students classified in a grade level? 
    • ANSWER: Students are classified, legally under state law, based on how many credits they have currently in a school year. Age DOES NOT change a student's grade level, only credits do. 
  • QUESTION: How many credits does it take to move up a grade level? 
    • ANSWER: 9th: 0-5.5 credits, 10th: 6-12.5 credits, 11th: 13-18.5 credits, 12th: 19-26+ credits. 
  • QUESTION: How can my student get back lost credits to fix their grade level?
    • ANSWER: Students are able to do credit recovery in a class Edgenuity period, each day built into their schedule. Because of limited space, this option is reserved for students who are older first and need to catch up on credits. Another opportunity is for students to do summer school to regain a half credit per class completed in a short timeframe. 

For more information please refer to Grade Classification and read more about graduation requirements and grade classification.