Graduation Requirements

  • QUESTION: How many credits does Texas require a student to have to graduate?
    • ANSWER: Texas requires at least 26 credits to graduate under the Foundation w/ Endorsement Graduation program. Under special circumstances, a student is able to opt-out of the endorsement (26) graduation plan and choose to graduate under the Foundation Plan with 22 credits. However, by graduating under the 22 credit plan, a student limits financial aid opportunities and the particular college they want to pursue after high school. 
  • QUESTION: If my student has 26 or more credits, do they automatically get to graduate? 
    • ANSWER: Having 26 credits does NOT mean a student is automatically acceptable for graduation. Texas law also requires students to take and pass certain classes in ELA, Science, Social Studies, and Math. A student must also meet Foreign Language, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Electives requirements. Finally, a student must take and pass all STAAR/EOC tests (5 in total) to meet state testing requirements. 
  • QUESTION: Can students graduate after the age of 18 and a fourth year of high school?
    • ANSWER: Yes, a student may graduate after 18 and a fourth year of high school. However, age does change attendance requirements in terms of how many days a student can miss. Graduation requirements do NOT change for a student who is older than 18 and/or graduating into a 5th year of high school.

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