OUT OF STATE? Welcome to MHS

Welcome to Midlothian, Texas. We are happy you have decided to join us at Midlothian High School. Please find some frequently asked questions with answers below for incoming students. As always, if you have any questions not covered below, please call or email your counselors and we are happy to help!

What does constitute Out of State?

  1. School districts that are physically not located in the State of Texas. This could also mean a student lives in Texas, but attends an ACCREDITED private school located in another state using face to face or online methods of instruction. 
  2. Students who come to Texas from another country are considered Out of State and all guidelines listed below for credits, courses, and exams are followed accordingly by Counselors. 


  1. Unaccredited schools, curriculum, and/or programs that could be purchased from another state and/or district that are not recognized by the State of Texas as reputable educational sources. 
  2. Self created curriculum, programs, and or homeschool/private school that is not approved by the State of Texas Department of Education. 


  • Question: How do my credits from my previous school transfer to Texas?
    • Answer: Counselors will review your high school transcript from your previous school. When reviewing transcripts the Counselor will look for: Texas course equivalents to your previous state's course, credit rewarding and how it corresponds to Texas, and any credit denials from your previous district-which our district will also accept as well.
      • Note: Some courses and/or credit systems from previous states do not correspond with Texas, meaning some credits and/or courses may not be accepted by our district for graduation requirements. 
  • Question: Do my grades transfer with me from my previous school?
    • Answer: Yes, we accept current grades from your previous school. If you come to us with a failing average we advise you to speak with your teachers at MHS to see if makeup work or anything can be done to boost that average--we highly encourage this!

For more information, please click on GRADE CLASSIFICATION


  • Question: If I move to Texas, will I still be considered the grade level I was in my previous state?
    • Answer: This depends on how many credits you have that Texas also accepts. The Counselor will review your transcripts and for each class that is accepted within state educational guidelines, that equates to more approved credits. Texas bases grade classification on the number of credits a student has, not on age. 
  • Question: If I am behind on credits due to failing and/or attendance from my previous school, are there ways to recover those at MHS?
    • Answer: Yes, MHS does offer credit recovery opportunities for students during the school day, which is built into their actual school schedule, and also summer school. Depending on the age of the student and how many credits need to be recovered will dictate which option is best.
      • For each semester of a class you recover, that will earn a student half a credit back towards their total needed for graduation, which can help get a student back on track with their grade classification.

For more information on Grade Classification


  • Question: What are the STAAR/EOC tests in Texas?
    • Answer: The State of Texas requires a student to show competency in all of their core subjects by the time they graduate high school. One way in which to measure academic success is through state testing as a way to show progress or regression in districts and across the state. STAAR testing, also known as End of Course exams, are one measure taken by the state to measure yearly growth or regression for all students across Texas.
  • Question: How many STAAR/EOC exams are there for high school?
    • Answer: There are five(5) tests a student must take and pass to meet high school graduation requirements. They are English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and US History. 
  • Question: Do I still have to take and pass STAAR/EOC tests if I am from another state?
    • Answer: There are 2 answers/scenarios to this question. Please read carefully below to find the appropriate answer:
    1. If a student took and passed any semester of English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and US History in their previous state they are exempt/waived from taking the corresponding STAAR/EOC exam for graduation requirements in Texas.
    2. If a student took and failed both semesters of English 1, English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and/or US History in their previous state, they will have to retake the entire class in Texas which means that they are taught our state's educational standards and WILL have to take the corresponding STAAR/EOC exam(s). 

For more information click on STAAR/EOC Testing for further explanations.