• QUESTION: Can a student graduate without meeting STAAR/EOC testing requirements?
    • ANSWER: No, a student must meet all STAAR/EOC testing requirements under state law. 
  • QUESTION: How are students chosen to take a STAAR/EOC test?
    • ANSWER: By law, when a student takes the class/course English 1,  English 2, Algebra 1, Biology, and US History, they must also take the corresponding STAAR/EOC test. A student CANNOT take a test until they have taken both semesters of the course listed above.
      • Note: a student does NOT have to pass both semesters of a class to take the test, they just must take both semesters of the class. 
  • QUESTION: What happens when a student fails a STAAR/EOC test?
    • ANSWER: By law, a student will be given multiple opportunities within each school year to retake any/all STAAR/EOC tests they failed. Tests are given to students who must retest in December and June, as well as in the regular months of April and May when first time testers test. This means a student is given at least 4 chances each school year to pass their tests.
  • QUESTION: Can I as a parent/guardian/ or student 18 or older opt out of STAAR/EOC tests?
    • ANSWER: No, this has never been an option in the State of Texas. STAAR/EOC tests must be passed to meet graduation requirements and cannot be waived or opted out of unless approved under special circumstances by the state's education department. 
      • In Spring of 2019-2020, when the COVID pandemic began, the Texas Department of Education waived state testing requirements for graduation. This decision was made and approved because of the events at the time and was only for the 2019-2020 school year.

For more information please refer to STAAR/EOC Testing  and read more about state testing.