Dual Credit


Dual Credit is a term used for courses a student can take in High School, for credit towards graduation, but also counts for college credit. These courses help a student's GPA in High School but also get them started on their pathway towards a degree in college.

What to keep in mind:

  • COST: Each class costs money to take. You will get a reduced price because it is a dual-credit class, but keep cost in mind.
  • RIGOR: The type of class you will take requires more studying, time for lessons/assignments/projects.
  • TEACHER: Your dual-credit classes will be taught by a college professor--with an MHS teacher as proctor or go-between for guidance and communication. The college professor is the ultimate teacher of record and grades all assignments.
  • TIME: If you are already committed to other activities such as band, choir, athletics, school clubs, or outside activities--dual-credit classes will require extra time spent on studying and work---which could conflict with your other activities as well. 

Navarro College Dual Credit Login Instructions:

  • Go to:
  • Username: firstname.lastname (ex. jane.smith)
  • Password: NcYYYYSSSS! (ex. Nc20041234!) (Returning students may only need to use YYYYSSSS for their Password)
  • The Nc is case sensitive (capital N and lower case c) and don’t forget the exclamation point at the end.
  • If you still have issues you will have to contact the OneStop Help Desk at 903-875-7416.

Will my credits transfer?

Check lower division course compatibility across 137 institutions of higher learning in Texas by clicking here.

Counselors always recommend that students reach out to the admissions office at the university where you wish to apply to ensure that the dual credit courses you take throughout high school are credits that would benefit your intended college degree plan.