STATE LAW & What grade your student is considered: 

State law bases a student's classified grade level (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) based on how many credits they have earned, NOT based on age or what classes they are taking in a current school year. 

If a student does NOT meet the necessary credit and/or attendance requirements detailed below, they cannot be promoted onto the next grade level. 


Grade Level

Credits Earned


0 to 5.5 credits


6 to 12.5 credits


How do I make up credits or get back on track?

Students who have fallen behind on credits have a chance to make them up at MHS in a variety of ways. If a student continues failing and/or losing credits due to attendance and tardies, credit recovery will not be an option.

  • Attend Summer School to do credit recovery.
  • In school, beginning in their 10th grade year, students can speak to their counselor about being put into an Edgenuity class period where they can do credit recovery.
  • Speak to your counselor about other options we may have for individual student cases.