Accelerated Instruction

What is Accelerated Instruction?

The State of Texas recently passed House Bill 4545 which requires all school districts to provide students who were not successful on previous STAAR/EOC tests intensive instruction/tutoring/and other academic assistance for success in passing those tests. 

The loss of educational opportunities brought on by the global pandemic has shown significant learning gaps in current student populations. House Bill 4545 is one measure taken by the state to assist school districts with planning and implementing a plan of action to close the learning gap. 

If you have any questions concerning Accelerated Instruction we encourage you to contact our Accelerated Instruction Specialists.

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How is MHS doing Accelerated Instruction?

MHS has built a 30 minute daily Advisory block into each student's schedule which is being utilized for Accelerated Instruction. This is NOT tutoring to make up class work or get extra assistance on current school work, this is time for learning lost in the previous school year.

Based on STAAR/EOC test scores and grades from 2020-2021, students were grouped into advisory periods with content specific teachers during Advisory where they will work on:

  • Content specific review and retention to fill in learning gaps from previous school year(s).
  • Strategies on STAAR/EOC testing to prepare students for success when testing is offered.
  • Small group instruction is key, there will be no AI Advisory periods with 25-30 students, small numbers are key to effectively meeting all student needs.

Additional Accelerated Instruction: MHS may begin holding AI opportunities before and after school as well as on Saturdays. More information on these options will be released once finalized. 

What if my student did NOT fail STAAR/EOC tests and/or classes last year?

If your student did not fail STAAR/EOC and/or courses in the 20-21 school year, they will not be in an Accelerated Instruction advisory class--but they will still continue to have a 30 minute Advisory period. This time is for students to complete work from previous classes, get assistance on concepts they do not understand, and study.