Associate's Degree DUAL CREDIT

Midlothian Collegiate  Scholars Academy (MCSA)

As a 9th and 10th grader you can begin working on a full Associate's Degree by completing a dual-credit pathway designed by Midlothian ISD, partnering with Navarro College. These courses are dual-credit, meaning you will complete them online or in the classroom, on the Midlothian High campus, but will be expected to perform on a collegiate level. 

Learn more about the MCSA and speak with your counselor as soon as possible to go over timelines, cost, and enrollment. 

What to keep in mind:

  • COST: Each class costs money to take. You will get a reduced price because it is a dual-credit class, but keep cost in mind.
  • RIGOR: The type of class you will take requires more studying, time for lessons/assignments/projects.
  • TEACHER: Your dual-credit classes will be taught by a college professor--with an MHS teacher as proctor or go-between for guidance and communication. The college professor is the ultimate teacher of record and grades all assignments.
  • TIME: If you are already committed to other activities such as band, choir, athletics, school clubs, or outside activities--dual-credit classes will require extra time spent on studying and work---which could conflict with your other activities as well. 

what is dual credit?

Dual Credit is a term used for courses a student can take in High School, for credit towards graduation, but also counts for college credit. These courses help a student's GPA in High School but also get them started on their pathway towards a degree in college.